64th Annual F.U.N. Convention

Orlando, FL

January 10 - 13th, 2019

Is the 1838-O circulation strike half dollar unique? Lets' debate the issue during Winter FUN 2019.

  • The 1838-O Half Dollar will be on display at Winter FUN 2019. There is NO question as to the authenticity of the coin, the debate is since this a circulation strike coin and all of the others are proof restrikes; does that make this coin unique. The owner of the coin and the author of the book "The Cinderella Coin A beginner's Guide for TREASURE HUNTING on the Internet" believes this is the only authentic 1838-O half dollar. The other known 1838-0 half dollars were struck as Proof issues and as such are illegally produced restrikes.

  • What do you think? The owner wants an open debate on the subject and he will be at Winter FUN 2019.

  • Is this coin Unique, let's Debate it