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Helpful Hints To Help You Navigate Entry Into Summer FUN

If you need Driving Directions to Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), they are posted on this website. Click on the tab on our home page for "SUMMER FUN," scroll down the page, and click on the quick link for "Driving Directions." These directions will get you to the parking lot behind the West Building, where Summer FUN is held.

When you enter the parking lot, be sure to tell the lot attendant you are going to Summer FUN. The parking fee is normally $17, but Summer FUN attendees receive a special rate of $10! If they don't volunteer the information, don't be bashful about telling them.

Once you are parked, you have two options for arriving at WE1. The easiest way is to catch our FREE shuttle bus that will take you to the entrance of the show. It's a large passenger bus and will have FUN's logo in the window. The second option is to walk. If you prefer to walk, you will enter the West Building in the center of the building, which is the only walking entrance. After you enter, veer to your left. Go up the escalator, walk down the hallway along Hall C, go down the escalator, and turn to your left when you reach the main hallway in front of you. You will walk past Halls D and arrive at Hall E1.

When you depart the show, you can walk, or you can catch our free shuttle outside the doors in front of Hall E1. The shuttle runs in a continuous loop, and the hours are:

Thursday and Friday (July 11 & 12) - 8:00 AM - 7:30 PM

Saturday (July 13) - 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

We are open to the public for FREE! You will need a "hello" badge to enter the show, so stop by PUBLIC REGISTRATION and pick up your badge. You are now ready to enter the 2019 Summer FUN convention!