Summer FUN Exhibits Preview

The Florida United Numismatists (FUN) is proud to present the following Exhibits to be displayed at Summer FUN 2018.

Mcllhenny Canning Company Tokens

On display is a complete set of all 9 tokens issued by the Mcllhenry Canning Company, of Avery Island, LA, the makers of the world famous tobasco brand pepper sauce.

A Short Set of Type Three Gold Dollars

This exhibit expands the short set concept to the gold dollars, which were issued from 1849 to 1889. During that period there were three major design changes and many rare coins that often carry price tags that are beyond the financial means of most collectors.

The ANA in the Land of FUN

This exhibit displays exonumia collected from the six shows the American Numismatic Association has held in Florida.

The Seven Video Game Tokens From the 1962 Worlds Fair

On display are the seven different video game tokens that were made specifically for the 1962 Worlds Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Indian Chiefs on Paper Money

This exhibit has three notes that depict chiefs on U.S. Paper money along with some related items.

Electricity - 1896 Style

This exhibit contains a proof and issued 1896 $5.00 silver certificate along with related items.

The Life and Times of Jesus Christ

Exhibited are coins and artifacts from the times and events described in the New Testament.

Un Money

Just for fun items with a purpose that are made to resemble money, but have no cash or exchange value.

From the Sea

Coins and artifacts from the bottom of the ocean, representing shipwrecks and other historic events.

A View of Hobo Nickel Carving Step by Step

This exhibit shows and explains the different steps of carving a hobo nickel.

United States Space Program Medallions and Commeratives

Coins commerating the US space program through the space shuttle program.

First Notes: A Selection of Serial Number 1 National Bank Notes from New York State

This exhibit presents a selection of special serial number 1 notes from over 40 National Banks from across New York State. The exhibit includes notes from all three Large Size Charter Periods (issued from 1863 to 1929) along with examples from the reduced size (or Small Size) from 1929 to 1935..