Running for Officer or Board Member of FUN

Any individual adult Life member or regular adult member of F.U.N. for at least one (l) year and in good standing who is a legal resident of the state of Florida is eligible for the position of officer or member of the Board of Directors. Elections for the Board of Directors are held every year, nominations must be submitted before 1 August of the Election year. Each year six (6) positions for Board Members will be up for election/re-election. Election for Officers of FUN is conducted every two years (even years). The officers consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The elections are conducted in Nov/Dec with the results announced on the last day of the January annual F.U.N. Convention.

All positions are for a two (2) year term beginning in January. Nominees should be considered on the basis of their willingness to serve F.U.N., its members, and its clubs. Also, if elected, Board members are expected to attend four (4) to six (6) meetings annually in various locations throughout the state and attendance at F.U.N. Annual and Summer Show are required. Nominees are to be active in the promotion of numismatics as a representative of F.U.N.

Nomination Process

The nomination process starts between May 1st and June 30th when the President of F.U.N. calls for nominations to run as an Officer or a Board Member. The announcement is made via the official F.U.N Magazine (FUN Topics) or by a written notice to the membership. To be considered for the board you must be at least 18 years of age and regular or life member of F.U.N. To be considered for an Officer position you must have served on the F.U.N. Board for at least one year immediately prior to being nominated, and submit one of the nomination forms listed on this site or the FUN Topics publication. To have an acceptable nomination you will then need to get the signatures of five (5) valid F.U.N. members. These signatories must be current paid up F.U.N. members and must be F.U.N. adult regular or life members. Associate members and junior members may not nominate or vote in elections. The alternate option is to get the endorsement of a local F.U.N. member club. The signature of two (2) Officers of the local club is required and the Officers must be members of F.U.N. These signatures will be verified by the F.U.N. Secretary using the WWW.SunBiz.Org website. This site lists the registered officers of all business entities in the State of Florida. Your signatories will need to be listed on this site. Also remember the two club officer signatories signing your form are certifing that a MAJORITY of the local club's membership is endorsing you for this nomination. This would imply that your club took a vote on your nomination.

Notification of Acceptance of Nomination

Once the nomination form is verified a certified letter of acceptance will be sent to you. You will then have 30 days to accept the nomination. If you do not notify the F.U.N. Secretary of your acceptance within this 30 day period your application will be voided. Once accepted you will need to provide a photo (2" x 2") and a resume not to exceed 1/2 page in length to the F.U.N. Topics editor. Your photo and resume will be published in the Winter edition of the F.U.N Topics.

2025 Board/Officer Nomination Form