What's New in The Summer 2021 Topics Magazine

The FUN Topics magazine is issued four times per year and is ONLY available with your FUN Membership of $20.00 per year. Each issue is packed with information with topics ranging from US Coins, World Coin, Paper Money, and Ancient Coins. If it is numismatically relevant it will appear in FUN Topics. On the tabs to right are snip-its of articles appearing in the Spring Issue. See the quality for yourself.

Here are the articles you missed from the Summer 2021 issue of FUN Topics:

  1. The Beginning of Steam Coinage By: R. W. Julian
  2. Dealing with Life: A s0-Something Numismatist Becomes a Coin Dealer By: Alexandrea Zieman
  3. AD 238: The Year When Rome Had Six Roman Emperors By: Bill Jones
  4. Florida the Nation's Summer Numismatic Playground By: Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez
  5. What Color Was Our Currency? Not Just Green? By: Dr. Phill Kolbe
  6. Collecting the Unique $2 Gold Coin of Newfoundland By: Steven Bieda
  7. A Wonderful Marriage of Grade & Price at the End of the Walking Liberty Halves By: Mar Benvenuto
  8. Helpful Hints for Coin & Bullion Shipping By: Michael Pearl
  9. John Mercanti: A Dynamic Numismatic Personality By: Kari Brower
  10. FUN Varieties By: Dr. Ron Brown
  11. Across the Pond By: Ray Wood
  12. Seigniorage Moments By: Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez
  13. Customer of the Week By: Tony Swicer
  14. A Blast from the Past: 1973 By: Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez
  15. Book Value By: Jay Chamberlain
  16. Illicit Vs. Pattern: Novodel 1863 "L" on Ribbon Indian Cent By: Dr Ron Brown
  17. Inside the Grading Room By: Randy Campbell

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