Below are the exhibits FUN has lined up for your educational enjoyment. To exhibit contact Bob Russell @

Class A: U.S. Coins


  • The Cinderella Coin - The Rarest US Circulation Strike
  • On display is the 1838-O half dollar with supporting documentation that proves it is the only known circulation strike of this coin.

  • Standing Liberty Quarters With Teardrops
  • What is a teardrop and which Standing Liberty Quarters have teardrops. A look at rarity and values.

  • Andrew Jackson's "Mint Drops"
  • Classic head gold coins from the 1830's

    Class B: Paper Money

  • Featuring:
  • First Notes: A Selection of Serial Number 1 National Bank Notes From New York State
  • This exhibits presents a selection of special Serial Number 1 notes from over 40 National Banks from New York State.

  • John Jay Knox and the Central Bank of ULM
  • This is the story of banker John Jay Knox and his experience with banking in Minnesota.

  • Chattanooga Depression & Clearing House Script
  • Depression script is an unofficial currency issued during recessions and depressions by municipal governments, stores or banks. when official currency is in short supply. This exhibit displays bank depression currency from Chattanooga from 1893 to 1933.

  • The History of the Clemson University $2.00 Note
  • Since 1977 Clemson University students and Alumni have been stamping the teams's iconic "Tiger Paw" on $2.00 notes and taking them to be used around town and at all away games. This display features the $2.00 note and discusses the history of the U.S. $2.00 note and explores the history of Clemson University.

  • Selected National Bank Notes of Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • A selection of available notes from 10 of the 13 issuing Nation Banks from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

  • History of Georgia Treasury Department 1861 - 1865
  • This display shows examples of all the currency and certificates that were to be used by the state to support the war between the states.

  • The 1995 Fort Worth 295 Plate Dollars
  • Today we will be looking at a run of 3 consecutive 1995 Fort Worth dollar bills, one of which has a back plate number size that should have been used on a Washington D.C. produced bill.

  • Honoring Music Through a World of Paper Money
  • This exhibit features a selection of music themed currency from around the world. Performing astists, composers, and artisens are highlighted throughout the exhibit.

    Class C: Medal, Orders, Decorations and Tokens

  • Featuring:
  • United States Space Program Medallions and Commeratives
  • Since 1958 the U.S. has been actively engaged science, engineering and discovery of space. This newly expanded display of medallions, commeratives and exonumia explores the U.S. space program from the Gemini to the Space Shuttle Program.

  • Fremont Ohio Civil War Store Cards
  • Civil War Store Cards, aka CWSC, were issued during the Civil War to alleviate a shortage of small change. Typically, they were used as one cent tokens. Local merchants advertised their businesses on these tokens. CWSCs are shown for each of the eight merchants that issued them in Fremont, Ohio. The authentic Fremont Journal newspapers used as case backgrounds have contemporary advertising for many of these merchants and are rarer than the CWSCs several of which are Rarity-9, one to three known.

  • The Seven Video Game Tokens From the 1982 World's Fair
  • This exhibit will look at the 7 video game tokens issued specifically for the 1982 world's fair.

    Class D: Foreign Coins

  • Featuring:
  • Mexican Coins Minted in the United States
  • This display coins of Mexico that were made by U.S. Mints. These dies were provided by the Mexico City Mint and do not have U.S. mint marks. Variations in the dies can be used to diagnose which coins were made in the U.S.

  • Pedigree Lost and Found: The Stories of Two Canadian Victoria Ten Cent Coins
  • This exhibit displays two high grade Canadian Victoria ten cent coins whose major pedigrees were rediscovered. Also displayed are an additional 13 coins which have major pedigrees.

  • Coin and Artifacts From the Time of Christ
  • A collection of coins and artifacts representing events in the life of Christ as described in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

  • The Kings and Queens on Canadian Coins
  • An exhibit about the 3 kings and 2 queens on Canadian coins.

  • Vienna Philharmonic Coins
  • Austrian Vienna Philharmonic coins are considered to be among the most beautiful coins in the world. Minted in gold, silver, and platinum these bullion coins have a face value in euros but are legal tender only in Austria. This exhibit is intended to promote interest in the coins and also the historic organization they represent.

    Class E: Errors


  • State of Georgia 1862 $5 Currency Errors
  • Paper money has always had errors issued by the government and this exhibit shows some of the errors known to be issued on the State of Georgia $5. There were more errors in this issue than any other issued note.

  • Wrong Design Dies on 20th Century Business Strike Coins
  • In this exhibit we will go over some definitions, examine 33 of the 34 total wrong design dies known, and look for the differences. This way you can find and build your own collection of wrong design die coins

    Class F: Miscellaneous

  • Featuring:
  • Primitive Money From the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • This exhibit seeks to educate the viewer as to the existence of a very old system of money that was well established as a medium of exchange in a primitive culture and also inform the viewer of the current status of the culture in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Each primitive money item is described and includes its use, purpose, and purchasing power.

  • Shell's Mr. President Coin Game - Tokens
  • In 1968 the Shell Oil Company introduced the "Mr. President" coin game. Presidential tokens were given to customers that came into the gas stations. The game quickly became a huge hit with families and collectors. This collection now includes 20 of the original game tokens.

  • Under the Sea
  • A collection of coins and artifacts recovered from oceans around the world reflecting a history of exploration, exploitation, war, world domination, slavery, pirates, treasure hunting, natural disasters, and man eating sharks.

  • MacCoins: 5 Tokens for 50 Years of Big Macs
  • In 1968 McDonald's started serving Big Macs nation wide. Fifty years later they did it again. They served up MacCoins world wide for the numismatists community.

    Class G: Young Numismatists

  • Featuring:
  • "Never Forget" A Numismatic Tribute to the 9-11 First Responders
  • On September 11, 2001 terrorist attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center in New York, inflicted significant damage on the Pentagon and downed United Flight 95 in Pennsylvania. This displays pays tribute to the first responders to these attacks through a collection of medals that depict the organizations and places that surround this tragic event.

  • A View of Hobo Nickel Carving Step by Step
  • The exhibit takes you, step by step, through the process of carving a traditional hobo nickel.

  • Colonial Currency
  • To explain early currency/money used when our country started.

  • History of U.S. Commerative Coins
  • What and why were the best coins.

    Class H: FUN Member Clubs

  • Featuring:
  • The Making of Elongated Coins
  • This exhibit walks the viewer through the three distinct phases of creating elongated coins: Designing, Engraving, and Rolling.

  • The Ocala Coin Club: Past, Present, Future, and its Members
  • The Ocala Coin Club looks to remember the past, work on the present, prepare for the future, and help all of our members share their collections.


  • Featuring:
  • A Visual History of FUN
  • Twenty four cases of FUN history.

  • Parts & Pieces of Large Size U.S. Currency
  • On display are miscellaneous pieces and parts of US currency used to repair damaged notes or notes in need of repair.