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The primary focus of the Florida United Numismatists is education. To obtain that objective we have two coin shows each year and during those shows we present educational seminars, and space for member clubs to have their meetings. These seminars are listed under the FUN Convention and Summer FUN Convention tabs.

Here you will find FUN approved sites that will help you acquire that extra bit of knowledge, so that your hobby will be that much more enjoyable. Below you will find a brief description of what is offered at each of the above tab links.

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FUN Seminars
View full length videos of the FUN Seminars from the 65th Annual FUN Convention These seminars are recorded by David Lisot of Coin Television. If you want a copy of a particular seminar it can be purchased at Coin Television. As a new sevice brought to you by F.U.N. you can view the seminars that you missed on our site. If you would like to view a seminar from previous years a link is provided below:

To view the FUN Seminars going back to 1991 open and bookmark this link: FUN Seminars hosted by The Newman Numismatic Portal.

Newman Portal
The Newman Portal is the ultimate research site for anything Numismatic related. Located at Washington University in St. Louis it is funded by the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society. It is dedicated to becoming the most comprehensive resource for Numismatic research. You can register with the site and receive the latest news and additions via their newsletter. They have thousands of contributing members, 26000 numismatic volumes and 25000 encylopedia records this site has some most obscured information available. Original historical documents are digitally encoded in the site with easily indexed references, one can research anything numismatic from their own home and without the trip to a research library. This is a F.U.N. must see site to visit and they host the archival record for our Annual and Summer Convention Seminars.

To view the FUN Seminars going back to 1991 open and bookmark this link: FUN Seminars hosted by The Newman Numismatic Portal. The seminars from many other Coin Conventions are also hosted on this site as are interviews with the greatist numismatic minds that are no longer with us. David Lisot has provided the Newman Numismatic Portal all of the videos he has recorded from other coin shows he attends.

American Numismatic Association
The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect coins and related items. The Florence Schook School of Numismatics engages in a series of seminars, throughout the country in co-ordination with local and regional coin shows. Topics range from Counterfeit Detection, Grading, Coin Conservation and Numismatic Digital Photography. Their YN program allows them to earn YN dollars that can be used in a special auction for the kids. The Summer Seminars provide attendees the option to spend a week in Colorado Springs to attend intense training sessions in multiple subject matters. Their Consumer Awareness Resources provide quick links for consumer protection and fraud reporting.

US Mint
The US Mint offers an excellent educational site designed for young collectors. Discover the history behind United States Coins and watch coinage production, tour the Philadelphia and Denver facilities. The Mint's education outreach program has several activities and games for the kids and lesson plans for Educators.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has information about the production of U.S. Currency. Tour information is provided for the Washington DC site and the Fort Worth TX site. General information about the notes are provided including how to redeem damage notes. In conjunction with the U.S. Mint, Currency products can also be purchased.

This site is the daily newspaper for current information about Coins and paper money. Updated daily, information about the Numismatic industry is published newspaper style. With interviews of people making news in the world of coins, to getting the heads up on what is being released by the U.S. and World Mints. This is required reading to be informed about the world of Numismatics.