Updated on October 20, 2022

Saturday Morning Scout Coin, Collecting Merit Badge Class

On Saturday morning we offer Boy Scouts the opportunity to earn the "Coin Collecting Merit Badge". The coin-collecting class covers all requirements so it can be completed in one morning. In addition to learning, scouts have the opportunity to win great prizes while actively participating. In the past 18 years, hundreds of scouts have attended both of these outstanding activities. Scouts should wear their Class A uniform and come prepared with the required coins to earn the merit badge. Leaders, parents, and siblings are invited to attend.

Saturday Afternoon Children's and Young Numismatists (YN) Program

The Young Numismatists (YN) Program is free for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 18 who have an interest in collecting coins. The Florida United Numismatists (FUN) program is one of the best in the country. Our program is centered around teaching YN's how collecting coins can be a fun hobby and an exciting career. The individuals who make the presentations enjoy sharing their knowledge and creating a program that has much to offer. New collectors and seasoned collectors will learn fascination facts related to the coins they carry in their pockets everyday. Each YN program has a numismatic theme that includes games, contests, and trivia challenges. Each participant is given a welcome bag folders, books, and various coins, tokens, and medals. The program is sure to be interesting to everyone who attends. Parents too.

Florida United Numismatists Youth Membership

Youth from both programs who are interested in learning more about coin collecting can become a member of FUN. The annual cost for a one-year YN Membership is $5.00. Need we say it is a "Steal of a Deal"? Each FUN Membership includes four quarterly issues of our FUN Topics magazine. In each issue is a section on "Facts and Fun for YNs". This portion of the magazine contains an article about coins for kids and a YN Trivia contest. YNs who participate in the contest can win free coins related to the theme of the article. Participation is free. Parents are allowed to help kids ages 5 - 10.

YN Articles in FUN Topics

Our Young Numismatists are encouraged to publish articles in the quarterly magazine FUNTopics. YNs will receive free coins for any article that our editorial staff finds acceptable. The Editor of FUNTopics will be creating a section within our quarterly magazine for our TN's. Prior to publication, FUN will require parental consent for any article published in our magazine. The release form can be downloaded from this page.

For more information on any program contact Tony Bonaro at TonyBonaro@GMail.com or call 904-510-4067. Remember there is a story behind every coin.

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On Saturday morning we offer Boys Scouts the opportunity to earn the “Coin Collecting Merit Badge”, and Girl Scouts the opportunity to earn the “Fun with Money” patch.   These coin collecting clinics cover all the requirements so that it can be completed in one afternoon.  In addition to learning, scouts have the opportunity to win  great prizes while actively participating.  In the past 18 years hundreds of boy scouts and girl scouts have attended these activities.


FUN YN Director Tony Bonaro

FUN YN Director: Tony Bonaro