Last Updated 11 Feb 2023

FUN Photos of our Conventions

Photos of the 1987 FUN Convention

FUN Video Memories

Watch the videos of some of the best of the FUN Conventions. Relive that patriotic moment of the 63rd FUN Convention, the educational events on the floor of the conventions. Remember the first time you saw the 1804 Dollar or the 1913 Liberty Nickel. It's all here under the Memories of FUN.

March to FUN 2018 Opening Ceremony

Watch the Opening Ceremony of the 63rd FUN Convention in Tampa Florida. FUN has a special patriotic tribute to the American Armed Forces. Run Time 8:15 Minutes

Interview with BEP Staff

Meet the representatives of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. They are presenting their $1 Billion display. Watch as Christopher Madden demonstrates and discusses the art of engraving currency plates. Then Eric Walsh discusses the methods he uses to recover destroyed currency. Run Time 34:35 Minutes

Watch the Spyder Press Demonstration

Watch a demonstration of the Spyder Press. This printer was the primary method of 19th century currency production. Run Time 3:20 Minutes

1913 Liberty Nickel on Display at FUN

Interview with Paul Montgomery of Bowers and Meredian Galleries. He discusses the finding of the lost 1913 Liberty nickel and the Contest that lead to its recover. Run Time 7:06 Minutes.

1804 Silver Dollar on Display at FUN

Interview with Leo Frese of Heritage Auctions talks about the 1804 Dollar. Run Time 3:28 Minutes.

1869 Rainbow Notes on Display at FUN

Interview with Sergio Sanchez of Sanchez Coins of Miami. He discusses the 1869 notes, known as the rainbow notes and how he was able to track down the individual notes that became known as the Rainbow notes of 1869. Outside of the U.S. Government display no one has a complete set of these notes. He was able to find the owners of these notes and convince them to display the set at FUN. The nine note set from $1 to $1000 can be seen in this video. Run Time 11:30 Minutes.

FUN 50th Anniversary Dinner

Watch the Awards and recognition of FUN's past presidents. Listen to Robert Hendershot talk about the creation of the FUN organization. Run Time 44:07 Minutes.